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For All Locations Across Australia - A National Platform

Applications: Emergency planning and response, insurance underwriting and claims, news media and reporting, etc.
Locations: Residential/commercial/industrial/educational addresses, incident and disaster sites, etc. Reporting with site radii of 200m & 1,200m for 72.8% & 27.2% national addresses, respectively.
July 2017: 2016 ABS census data (DataPacks released on 12/07/2017) incorporated.
March 2017: News release | Coverage Map | All reports are delivered in seconds.

For each address, we provide two forms of reporting: PDF report and animation
Sample Report 1 (flood; Bellingen, NSW) | Sample Report 2 (bushfire; Lorne, VIC)
Sample Report 3 (storm surge; Airlie Beach, QLD) | Sample Report 4 (landslide; Thredbo, NSW)
Sample Animation 1 (storm surge; Airlie Beach, QLD) | Sample Animation 2 (riverine flood; Bundaberg, QLD)
Sample Animation 3 (riverine flood; Brisbane, QLD) | Sample Animation 4 (coastal vulnerability; Collaroy, NSW)
Sample Animation 5 (bushfire; Hornsby, NSW) | Sample Animation 6 (bushfire; Bakers Hill, WA)
For dynamic physical simulations (e.g. water level increase & bushfire propagation) with numerous realisations, please contact us.

03/2018 Bushfires in Tathra, NSW - Exposure location profile report, fire-prone areas animation, climate-warming trend, etc.
03/2018 Major Flooding in North Queensland - Satellite imagery | Flood-prone areas
02/2018 Bushfires near Orange, NSW - Satellite imagery | Fire-prone areas
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